Canberra Traditional Karate Centres

In the ACT our AOGKF official Dojo's operate under the banner of the Canberra Traditional Karate Centres.

We have martial arts schools in Bonython, Chisholm, Gungahlin, Palmerston, Tuggeranong & Woden Valley.


Bonython Dojo

Head Instructor: 

Sensei Joe Roses - 7th Dan

0402 155 361

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Gungahlin Dojo

Head Instructor:

Sensei Joseph Wotton - 3rd Dan

0408 487 019 


Kaleen Dojo

Head Instructor:

Sensei Vince Robinson - 3rd Dan

0420 980 682


Woden Valley Dojo

Head Instructor:

Sensei Kevin Nash - 6th Dan

0403 919 326

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday