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IOGKF Oceania's largest ever event!

Over 220 people attend the AOGKF National Gasshuku which was held under the leadership of Sensei Ernie Molyneux (IOGKF World Vice-Chief Instructor) and Sensei Joe Roses (Australian Chief Instructor) in Goulburn, NSW. To see 200 + people take the floor for the all grades session was extremely motivating and the roar of a couple of hundred syncronised kiai was electrifying! Guests from 5 Australian states and 7 different countries traveled to Goulburn for the event and all were impressed with what they experienced.

Hosted by the AOGKF!

Sensei Ernie commented to all participants that the AOGKF has the makings of becoming one of IOGKF International's largest and strongest member countries. He said the leadership and quality of the instructors in Australia was extremely high. 

The guest instructor gave many specialty seminars including a 3 day course on the kumite and iri-kumi training of Goju-ryu which impressed many of the participants. Sensei Ciara Morrison from England also gave a special Women's only seminar, which was very well received. 

In Goulburn, New South Wales

There were also several social events held. This included a Black and Brown Belt dinner with many party games that had everyone in stitches as the contestants worked through several difficult challenges. 

Just when we thought this party could not be outdone, the Saturday night annual Karate party went to a whole other level with an exhilarating and hilarious performance by one of Australia's leading comedy magicians. The Karate family in the AOGKF has never been stronger and the event only helped us to become even closer as we work towards the 2021 World championships in Canberra. 


A record breaking event

August 19 saw the 6th annual Friendship tournament held by the AOGKF in as many years. IOGKF tournaments have been held in Australia since the late 1970's and the competition was completely restructured in 2013 by the AOGKF executive committee to create a format based on high skill performance. This year the AOGKF had a record number of participants in all divisions, with an almost 50:50 ration of male to female competitors. A huge thank you to Sensei Kevin Nash and in particular Sensei Luke Drady and their team for organising such a successful event for the AOGKF.

Great achievements by all!


National Champions Shield: Goulburn Dojo

Club Champions Cup: Goulburn Dojo

Senior Champions Cup: Bonython Dojo

Juniors Champions Cup: Goulburn Dojo

Full Division Results are included below! Thank you to everyone who assisted in running the day and thank you to all the participants and their family and friends for their patience and support with this event!

Official Tournament Results


5 Years & Under Kata -  Female: 1st- A. Thiele, 2nd- S. Culley, 3rd- C.Douglass

5 Years & Under Kumite - Female: 1st- A. Ridland, 2nd - S. Culley, 3rd - C. Douglass

6-7 Years Kata - Female: 1st- L. King, 2nd- T. Douglass, 3rd- L. Weston.

6-7 Years Kumite - Female: 1st- T. Douglass, 2nd- M. Gray, 3rd-E. Bradley.

8-9 Years Kata - Female: 1st- N. Goldsmith, 2nd- E. Winters, 3rd- T. McClelland.

8-9 Years Kumite - Female: 1st- T. McClelland, 2nd- N. Goldsmith, 3rd- P. Murray.

10-11 Years Kata - Female: 1st- L. Kendrick, 2nd- A. Frodyma-Smith, 3rd- S. Pearce.

10-11 Years Kumite - Female: 1st-M. Macatulad, 2nd- L. Kendrick, 3rd- A. Frodyma-Smith.

12-13 Years Kata - Female: 1st- K. McGowan, 2nd-B. Locus, 3rd- B.Murray.

12-13 Years Kumite - Female: 1st- K. McGowan, 2nd- B. Murray, 3rd- B. Locus.

14-15 Years Kata - Kumite: 1st- C. Stevens, 2nd- E. Sinclair.

15-17 Years Kumite - Female: 1st- A. Campbell, 2nd- E. Sinclair, 3rd- E. Thornthwaite.

16-17 Years Kata - Female: 1st- A. Campbell, 2nd- E. Thornthwaite

18 Years + 10-4 Kyu Kata - Female: 1st- M. Frodyma, 2nd- E. Evans, 3rd- D. Catto

18 Years + 3-1 Kyu Kata - Female: 1st-J. Martin, 2nd- D. Sowana, 3rd- S. Carr

18 Years + 10-3 Kyu Kumite - Female: 1st- E. Evans, 2nd- A. O'Rourke, 3rd- J.  Martin

18 Years + Black Belt Kata - Female: 1st- L. Colins, 2nd- S. Lambert, 3rd- F. Talledo

18 Years + Black Belt Kumite - Female: 1st- S. Lambert, 2nd- F. Talledo.


6-7 Years Kata - Male: 1st- S. Reyes, 2nd- K. Thiele, 3rd- A. Shirvington.

6-7 Years Kumite - Male: 1st- K. Thiele, 2nd- S. Reyes, 3rd- A. Shirvington.

8-9 Years Kata - Male: 1st- L. Jones, 2nd- L. Smithson, 3rd- J. Norris

8-9 Years Kumite - Male: 1st- J. Norris, 2nd- L. Smithson, 3rd- L. Sonnex.

10-11 Years Kata - Male: 1st- B. Winters, 2nd- L. Barlow, 3rd- B. Chhea.

10-11 Years Kumite - Male: 1st- L. Locus, 2nd- E. Thornthwaite, 3rd- W. Heffernan.

12-13 Years Kata - Male: 1st- D. Birks, 2nd- B.Murray, 3rd- T. Russell.

12-13 Years Kumite - Male: 1st- B. Murray, 2nd- D. Birks, 3rd- T. Russell 

14-15 Years Kata - Male: 1st- H. Storrier, 2nd- S. McGowan, 3rd- J. George.

14-15 Years Kumite - Male: 1st- J. George, 2nd- J. Thompson, 3rd- S. Dunn.

18 Years + 10-4 Kyu Kata - Male: 1st- L. McGowan, 2nd- B. Storrier, 3rd- I. Boltezar

18 Years + 10-4 Kyu Kumite - Male: 1st- L. McGowan, 2nd- B. Storrier, 3rd- I. Boltezar.

18 Years + 3-1 Kyu Kata - Male: 1st- E. Pearce, 2nd- J. Thoo, 3rd- J. Falsone.

18 Years + 10-3 Kyu Kumite - Male: 1st- E. Pearce, 2nd- M. Jones, 3rd- A. Winters.

18 Years + Black Belt Kata - Male: 1st- N. Ramadge, 2nd- P. Colins, 3rd- V. Robinson

18 Years + Black Belt Kumite - Male: 1st- N. Ramadge, 2nd- S. Barakzay, 3rd- C. Dibble.

2018 European Gasshuku - England

Sensei Kevin Nash representing

Chairman of the Australian Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate-do Federation (AOGKF), Sensei Kevin Nash, recently completed a full week of training with IOGKF members from another 22 different countries. Sensei Kev represented Australia at the IOGKF European Gasshuku, an annual event that has been running since 1980 in different countries around the continent. Head by World Chief Instructor, Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura, Sensei Kev spent time training with 13 senior instructors ranked 7th & 8th Dan level.

Australia in Europe

The event was hosted by the English Goju-ryu Karate Association (EGKA) of which Sensei Ernie Molyneux is the chief instructor. Sensei Ernie will be our special guest for the AOGKF National Gasshuku in Goulburn in October 2018. Sensei Kevin and Sensei Ernie spent time training together and planning for the October event while they were together in London. Sensei Kev said he had learned a great deal at this course to bring back to the National Gasshuku this year, which is very exciting. Stayed tuned to this page as Sensei Kevin's European Karate adventures are not over yet!

AOGKF meets with Japanese embassy culture affairs minister

Spreading traditional culture

On June 22nd, 2018 the AOGKF executive committee was invited to a meeting at the Japanese Embassy in Canberra. The meeting would introduce the committee to the embassy's minister of cultural affairs Mr. Tadayuki Miyashita. The meeting was initially organised after Sensei Kevin Nash meet a friend of AOGKF member James Fletcher at James 40th Birthday party recently. James' friend Mr. Takatsuka Yuichi works very closely with the Minister Miyashita and after hearing of all the good work AOGKF is doing to promote traditional Japanese and Okinawan Culture, organised the meeting.

Across Australia

Minister Miyashita was very interested to know the differences between sports karate and traditional karate, to understand more about what the AOGKF, IOGKF and Okinawan Goju-ryu is all about. The AOGKF executive committee highlighted the importance of honesty, loyalty and respect and how traditional karate was very much about improving yourself over trying to beat others. They explained because of these ideals traditional Karate was becoming more and more popular in western society. 

and the World

The minister and his team also showed much interest in the 2021 IOGKF World Gasshuku and friendship tournament. They were impressed to see how many countries had showed interest in coming to take part in the event and were hopeful of supporting the event in its efforts to spread Japanese arts and culture. The meeting was very productive with future meetings and a visit to AOGKF Honbu Dojo already in the works. The AOGKF Executive Committee were very honoured to meet the minister and his team and presented them with Australian gifts and the conclusion of the successful meeting. 

2018 Miyagi Chojun Festival - Canada

The 2018 IOGKF MCF was held in Burlington, Canada - home of World Chief Instructor, Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura, in the first week of June 2018. Nakamura Sensei very generously invited AOGKF senior instructors, Sensei Joe Roses & Sensei David Lambert, to be guest instructors at this prestigious event. Prior to the event the two AOGKF Sensei's spent three days training at IOGKF Honbu Dojo under Nakamura Sensei. Sensei Joe Roses also instructed one of the adults classes at the Dojo on the Monday prior to the event and Sensei Lambert took charge of the Wednesday adult class in the absence of Nakamura Sensei.

The MCF event itself was incredible and very well organised. Over the four days, Sensei Bakkies Laubscher from South Africa instructed the senior morning black belt sessions and was awe inspiring, as were Nakamura Sensei, Sensei Linda Marchant and Sensei Torben Svendsen who instructed the all grades classes. The group classes were equally impressive and Sensei Joe Roses was extremely popular with all the groups. One group session described Sensei Joe as the next Avenger, having more effective moves than a marvel super hero! Sensei Lambert instructed two childrens sessions and was also invited by Nakamura Sensei to teach an adult Kyu grade group as part of MCF.

Sensei Joe and Sensei DJ were joined on the Saturday's training by Joseph F for Bonython Dojo, who happened to end up in the Toronto area for business on short notice. It was great to have another Australian there. The MCF had over 200 participants from 10 different countries taking part in the event. Along with the fantastic training, the welcome and sayonara parties were also very well organised and lots of fun for all involved. The Gasshuku was also a fantastic opportunity for AOGKF to promote the 2021 IOGKF World Gasshuku which Nakamura Sensei was pushing for very strongly. All in all, another fantastic event by the always well run, IOGKF Canada. Thank you for your hospitality. 

MCF Demonstrations - Sensei Roses : Tensho & Bunkai

MCF Demonstrations - Sensei Lambert : Shisochin

2018 AOGKF Black Belt Gasshuku & Grading

On May 19, 2018 the AOGKF held it's biggest ever Black belt Gasshuku at our Woden Valley Dojo. Under the leadership of Sensei Joe Roses, Sensei Kevin Nash and Sensei David Lambert, the Black belt Gasshuku featured all grades training, individualised group sessions, lectures/presentations, pre-grading clinic, the grading tests and of course the grading presentation dinner. Over 60 senior grades were present for the training with the focus on Kata and applications. 

More photos from the event will soon be available in our gallery.

Grading success! Congratulations to you all!

Sandan Pass:

Vince Robinson

Nidan Pass:

Erin Hynes, Levi Peterson, Shenae Lambert, Les McCaffery, Jason Barrido, Kevin Kennedy.

Shodan Pass:

David Carberry, Jamie O'Neill, Sajjad Barakzay, Simon George, William Nash, Ian Hill, Florence Talledo, Colin Dibble, Matthew Warren, Kathraine Teague, Matthew Teague, Cassidy Drayton.

AOGKF - Home of the 2021 IOGKF World Gasshuku

The world is coming to AOGKF

In October 2021 our organisation, AOGKF, will host the 2021 IOGKF World Gasshuku and World Kata tournament in Canberra, Australia. This is the equivalent of a country securing the rights to the Olympics or the Fifa World cup. The AOGKF EC has been leading a campaign to secure this event for the last 3 years and can announce we have been successful! Visit the event site at: