Our Classes

AOGKF is proud to offer several different types of classes throughout it's Dojo's making Karate accessible for just about everyone! On a weekly basis we host Karate classes for 3-4 year olds, primary school students, high school student's, adults and families! Learn more about each of our programs in the information below.

Young Grasshoppers

Classes for 3-4 year olds

Our young grasshopper programs are specifically designed for children aged 3-4. This program has been created by Black belt instructors who actually began training in the age group many years ago. From their vast experience, they know what your developing child needs and have incorporated basic karate skills training with fun activities designed to improve your child’s co-ordination, strength, flexibility and confidence into every class. The most popular part of this class with parents is the strong emphasis on stranger danger principles and effective self defence against larger opponents. Along with this the children are must undertake social interactions with their Sensei and class mates using appropriate manners and disciplines to achieve successful outcomes. Each class finishes with a meditation concept designed to teach our young grasshoppers to hone their concentration and focus towards mindful objectives. If your child is shy or extremely energetic this class caters for all children and we welcome you to come along and see for yourself. 

Pee-wee Karate

Classes for 5 - 12 year olds

Children aged between 4 year to 12 years are classified as Pee-wee students. The AOGKF Executive Committee have carefully designed a structured curriculum for your child that offers fun, fitness and quality martial arts education along with character building. Pee-wee students are subjected to the main features of the Goju-ryu system in a carefully managed fashion that assists them in setting and achieving goals.

Kyu gradings are also available for children and give them the opportunity to build confidence and demonstrate their skills to progress through a structured belt system. Along with this AOGKF runs separate kids only training seminars at all of their training camps and each year hold an annual friendship tournament in rotating cities to promote goodwill between those of their own age.

AOGKF’s Pee-wee curriculum was designed by instructors with over 80 years of combined experience teaching children’s classes and also utilised the knowledge of black belt instructors who trained in classes as a child. The result is one of the best kids programs you will find, not aimed at giving kids what they want, but rather helping them achieve what they want. We suggest calling into one of our many Dojo’s, meeting with our instructors, viewing a class and talking to other parents about what Karate has done for their child. Give your child a head start in life and find out what Karate can do for you today.

Teenage Programs

Junior Program

Our Junior system is a fantastic way to get any 12-15 year old active in martial arts and to develop their self confidence, self respect and self growth. Our Junior system is an add on to our Pee-wee curriculum meaning pee-wee students can progress into the system rather than starting again and that newcomers can develop their skills before progressing to the next grade system. The entire Goju-ryu curriculum is taught to these students, however they are only tested on the fundamentals as they build strength, knowledge and confidence in their Karate skills.

The junior system teaches traditional, but practical self defence techniques, preparing young adults for a wide range of scenarios. The fundamental aspects of the junior system is to teach these young men and women the value of avoid conflict and the confidence to set an achieve the goals in a way that promotes a high work ethic. This system a great way to build a basic, but effective martial arts knowledge quickly and efficiently that will then take a deeper and traditional based path.

Juniors are eligible right for their first lesson to attended AOGKF training camps and seminars, participate in our annual friendship tournament and are welcomed into our Karate family as welcome additions. Come and visit one of our Dojo’s today, speak to our instructors and see what other members have to say about Goju-ryu Karate today.

Cadet Program

Cadet Karate classes are for those aged between 15-17 years of age, or for those Junior class students who have excelled in their training. The cadet system teaches all the entire adults curriculum to its students, but acknowledges that the body is still growing and developing. Therefore the aim of the system is to prepare students for adult life both physically and mentally by a train hard, train smart approach to all lessons.

Basic weight training is introduced along with of course the addition of goal setting and achieving. Classes are generally only 90 minutes and are offered numerous times through the week to avoid any conflict with and support time for school studies. Our instructors aim to supplement our cadet members higher school studies through Karate training by maintaining a high level of health and care for the body and mind. Practical self defence techniques are paramount and included in each class and members are eligible to attend all AOGKF training camps, seminars, friendship tournaments and social events.

The best way to experience our unique system is to visit one of our centres, speak to the instructors, try or view a couple of classes and speak to other students and their families about why they are involved with us.

Karate Classes for Adults

The Senior System

Senior classes are for those age over 18. Whether you have previous martial arts experience or not, Goju-ryu Karate has something for everyone! Fitness and strength level is no issue as our fully accredited and Internationally recognised Black Belt Instructors will assess and take you through a training in planned approach to help you achieve goals you never though were possible.

At AOGKF we understand that everyone is unique and that a tailored approached to each individual is necessary to send them along on the path to true Karate. You will become fit, strong, flexible and confident from participating in classes as you make friends and experience all the Goju-ryu Karate has to offer. The entire Goju-ryu system is on hand for you to learn, from instructors who have studied under Japanese and Okinawan Masters of Karate. Practical self defence is a fundamental aspect of this system and with the energy you will find from Karate you will leave classes feeling better than ever.

Senior students are also open to opportunities of National and International travel. Come in to one of our many Dojo’s, speak to your local instructor, meet our members and their families and become part of our family today.

Family Classes

For ages 5 years & up

When you begin training with our clubs you will automatically be welcomed in our large and friendly Karate family. All of our members feel a close bond which is forged through dedicated training and lots of fun experiences shared together.

It is such a great feeling to have and our goal with the AOGKF is for you to be able to share your Karate family with your actual family. Our family or all grades classes give members of all ages the opportunity to participate in a class all together. Members ages 5 and up can participate. If you are looking for a positive activity for you and your children to participate in, look no further. Hundreds of families around Australia are all reaping the benefits of practicing Karate together.

Get involved with your kids, while doing something you love also. Set and work towards goals together under expert tuition from internationally recognised and fully qualified instructors how want to help you become even closer together. Our family classes are a great activity for the whole family! Contact your local club to see when you can all come along