Gungahlin Dojo - Canberra, ACT

Our Gungahlin Dojo operates in ACT under the Canberra Traditonal Karate Centres

Gungahlin Dojo

Sensei Joseph Wotton

Sensei Wotton is a 3rd Dan Karate expert with Black belt rankings in both Goju-ryu & Shotokan Karate styles.

Classes for all fitness levels

Sensei Wotton and his team of talented male and female assistant instructors can accommodate you no matter what you level.

Free trials

Don't pay for a trial, take one for free! We are so convinced you'll find a home with us you are welcome to try out classes for free!

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Gungahlin Dojo

47 Ernest Cavanagh Street, Gungahlin Australian Capital Territory 2912, Australia

0408 487 019

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