Young Grasshoppers

Classes for 3-4 year olds

Our young grasshopper programs are specifically designed for children aged 3-4. This program has been created by Black belt instructors who actually began training in the age group many years ago. From their vast experience, they know what your developing child needs and have incorporated basic karate skills training with fun activities designed to improve your child’s co-ordination, strength, flexibility and confidence into every class. The most popular part of this class with parents is the strong emphasis on stranger danger principles and effective self defence against larger opponents. Along with this the children are must undertake social interactions with their Sensei and class mates using appropriate manners and disciplines to achieve successful outcomes. Each class finishes with a meditation concept designed to teach our young grasshoppers to hone their concentration and focus towards mindful objectives. If your child is shy or extremely energetic this class caters for all children and we welcome you to come along and see for yourself.