Pee-wee Karate

Classes for 5-12 years olds

Children aged between 4 year to 12 years are classified as Pee-wee students. The AOGKF Executive Committee have carefully designed a structured curriculum for your child that offers fun, fitness and quality martial arts education along with character building. Pee-wee students are subjected to the main features of the Goju-ryu system in a carefully managed fashion that assists them in setting and achieving goals.

Kyu gradings are also available for children and give them the opportunity to build confidence and demonstrate their skills to progress through a structured belt system. Along with this AOGKF runs separate kids only training seminars at all of their training camps and each year hold an annual friendship tournament in rotating cities to promote goodwill between those of their own age.

AOGKF’s Pee-wee curriculum was designed by instructors with over 80 years of combined experience teaching children’s classes and also utilised the knowledge of black belt instructors who trained in classes as a child. The result is one of the best kids programs you will find, not aimed at giving kids what they want, but rather helping them achieve what they want. We suggest calling into one of our many Dojo’s, meeting with our instructors, viewing a class and talking to other parents about what Karate has done for their child. Give your child a head start in life and find out what Karate can do for you today.