Karate for Adults

Senior classes are for those age over 18. Whether you have previous martial arts experience or not, Goju-ryu Karate has something for everyone! Fitness and strength level is no issue as our fully accredited and Internationally recognised Black Belt Instructors will assess and take you through a training in planned approach to help you achieve goals you never though were possible.

At AOGKF we understand that everyone is unique and that a tailored approached to each individual is necessary to send them along on the path to true Karate. You will become fit, strong, flexible and confident from participating in classes as you make friends and experience all the Goju-ryu Karate has to offer. The entire Goju-ryu system is on hand for you to learn, from instructors who have studied under Japanese and Okinawan Masters of Karate. Practical self defence is a fundamental aspect of this system and with the energy you will find from Karate you will leave classes feeling better than ever.

Senior students are also open to opportunities of National and International travel. Come in to one of our many Dojo’s, speak to your local instructor, meet our members and their families and become part of our family today.