The 2019 AOGKF National Gasshuku will not only feature the talents of IOGKF World Technical Advisor, Sensei Kazuo Terauchi, but it also senior International instructors from Japan and Australia. The Gasshuku will comprise of a one day Black and Brown Belt Gasshuku, a one day all grades Gasshuku and a one day Friendship Tournament. 

Featured Instructor - Sensei Kazuo Terauchi


Sensei Terauchi is the technical advisor of IOGKF world wide, responsible for over 75,000 Karate-ka in over 65 different countries.

9th Degree Black Belt - Japan

World Technical Advisor

Terauchi Sensei's training began in the late 1960's. His passion for training lead him to the now famous Yoyogi Dojo of Master Higaonna in Toyko, where he became one of the most senior students of the Master. The intensity of the training was severe and it helped shape Terauchi Sensei into what many believe to be one of the toughest Goju-ryu Karate masters ever.

All Japan All Styles Champion

Terauchi Sensei is a strong competitor and the level of his training saw him become all Japan all styles tournament champion for a decade. This was in a time when weight divisions and light contact did not exist. He retired from competition Karate as one of Japan's most successful competitors. 

A Master of Karate

Terauchi Sensei is one of few people in the world to have been recognised and awarded the degree of Master in Karate by Grand master Morio Higaonna.

Event Senior Instructors


Sensei Joe Roses (OAM) - 7th Dan - Australia

Chief Instructor - IOGKF Australia (AOGKF)

Sensei Joe is an Australian martial arts legend. He is one of Australia's highest graded Karate-ka and operated Canberra's oldest martial arts club. A 7th Dan in Goju-ryu Karate, he is also a 2nd Dan in Jujitsu and a 1st Dan in Kyokushinkai Karate. Sensei Joe teaches seminars all around the world including in North and South America and even Japan. Earlier this year, Sensei Joe was honoured with an Order of Australia medal for his services to Martial arts.


Sensei Kevin Nash -6th Dan - Australia

Chairman - IOGKF Australia (AOGKF)

Sensei Kevin Nash is talented exponent of traditional Karate with over 35 years of experience under his belt. His martial arts journey has saw him become a regular student at Master Higaonna's Dojo in Okinawa and he has been used by the Dojo as part of it's demonstration team on numerous occasions. A 6th Dan in Karate he was graded in Okinawa under the world's highest master.


Sensei Joseph Tait - 6th Dan - Japan

Senior Board Member - IOGKF Japan

The brother of Sensei Geoff Tait and originally born in New Zealand, Sensei Joseph Tait has spent the last 22 years living in breathing Karate in Japan. He is the only foreigner in IOGKF to have his own Dojo in Japan and in 2019 was promoted to the IOGKF Japan board of directors for his commitment and high standard of Karate. He speaks fluent Japanese and is a great addition to this Gasshuku. 


Sensei John Marrable - 6th Dan - New Zealand

Kambukai Member - IOGKF New Zealand

Sensei John Marrable is a 6th Dan instructor in IOGKF Karate having graded in Okinawa directly under Master Higaonna. He is the only IOGKF member in the world who practices using a wheelchair. As a result Sensei John has developed a no nonsense, effective approach to self defence for all people. This inspiring Sensei will be instructing throughout this years National Gasshuku as a special guest.


Sensei David Lambert - 4th Dan - Australia

Executive Committee Member - IOGKF Australia (AOGKF)

Sensei Lambert is the head of the largest IOGKF Dojo in the Oceania region and has taught in Europe, North America, Oceania and is the only Australian to have ever taught at the World Budosai in Japan. Sensei Lambert spends time training in both Okinawa (with Higaonna Sensei) and Canada (with Nakamura Sensei) regularly and will be sharing his knowledge with participants.



Sensei Pat Brown - 4th Dan - Australia

Senior Assistant Instructor - IOGKF Australia (AOGKF) Honbu

Sensei Pat Brown has been practicing traditional Okinawan Goju-ryu for over 30 years. He is one of longest training students of Sensei Joe Roses, the Australian Chief Instructor, and as a result has a vast knowledge of the effective self defence techniques of this martial art. Sensei Pat will be instructing group sessions at the 2019 National Gasshuku and sharing his wisdom and experience with all those present.


Sensei Richard Toparis - 4th Dan - Australia

Senior Assistant Instructor - Goulburn Dojo

Sensei Richard Toparis was originally a student of Sensei David Lambert senior and was one of the youngest people to ever achieve the rank of 3rd Dan in IOGKF Karate. He has been an integral part of the Goulburn AOGKF Dojo for many years and in 2018 he became the first person to ever achieve the rank of 4th Dan under Sensei Joe Roses. Today he is the most senior assistant instructor of the largest IOGKF Dojo in the Oceania region.


Sensei Luke Drady - 3rd Dan - Australia

Senior Assistant Instructor - Woden Valley Dojo

Sensei Luke Drady has been practicing Goju-ryu Karate for over 20 years. He is the most senior student of Sensei Kevin Nash, chairman of the AOGKF. Sensei Luke is the direct senior assistant instructor of the Woden Valley Dojo in Canberra where he teaches regularly. Sensei Luke will be instructing group classes during the 2019 National Gasshuku.


Sensei Geoff Tait - 3rd Dan - Australia

Head Instructor - Orange Karate Dojo & Family Fitness Centre

Sensei Geoff Tait is a veteran of traditional Karate. He has black belt rankings in multiple traditional styles. Originally for NZ, he has been operating his own Dojo in Orange, NSW for almost a decade. Sensei Geoff trains with Terauchi Sensei and his brother, Sensei Joseph Tait, annually. Having him as part of this Gasshuku will be a huge benefit to AOGKF members and Gasshuku participants. 


Sensei Vince Robinson - 3rd Dan - Australia

Head Instructor - Yass & Kaleen Dojo's

Sensei Vince Robinson began his training in Okinawan Goju-ryu 15 years ago. He is the head instructor of both the AOGKF Yass and Kaleen Dojo's, making him the only Dojo instructor in Australia to be operating clubs in two different states. Sensei Vince trains regularly with Sensei Joe Roses and Sensei Kevin Nash to maintain his high standard. His incredible athletic ability at grading tests have earned him the name 'the machine' among AOGKF black belts.


Sensei Fritz Venzke - 2nd Dan - Australia

Head Instructor - Suncoast Traditional Karate

Originally from Namibia, Sensei Fritz moved to Australia in 2018 and joined the AOGKF shortly after. He opened the Suncoast Traditional Karate Dojo in Caloundra, QLD last year. Sensei Fritz recently graded to 2nd Dan under Sensei Joe Roses and is affectionately known as the 'Namibian Giant' among AOGKF Black Belt for his tremendous size and power. Sensei Fritz is excellent with all ages, especially with children.


Sensei Kevin Kennedy - 2nd Dan - Australia

Head Instructor - Bungendore Traditional Karate

Sensei Kevin Kennedy began his martial arts training in the 1980's. He has achieve Black belt rankings in various Goju and Karate styles and has represented Australia in competitions overseas. He join the AOGKF in 2012 and has been a student of Sensei Joe Roses ever since. Sensei Kennedy founded the Bungendore Traditional Karate Dojo to great success earlier this year and is a great children's instructor.